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Larry Brown is a natural leader and teacher. His breadth of knowledge and skills help him to get peak performances from his own and his clients’ bodies. He focuses on each client’s particular body and blood type, and shows the client how to maximize his or her exercise and dietary regimen, to achieve optimum performance.

He holds certifications as a personal trainer and nutritionist from various organizations, including AFFA, CPA [a specialization for training disabled persons], and APEX [Certification #8025D], one of the most comprehensive personal training programs in the country.

Larry began serious weight training in 1996, and quickly established himself as a competitive body builder. He took first place in the Gold’s Classic body building competition’s heavy weight division at 201 pounds in 1998. In 1999, Larry won first place in the Contra Costa body building contest’s light heavy weight division at 199 pounds. At the 2000 California body building contest, one of the most intensely competitive events in the State, he placed fourth in the light heavy weight division at 192 pounds.

With his wide-ranging experience, Larry understands how to transform out-of-shape human bodies in to lean, muscular physiques. He also understands the difficulties faced by sedentary, obese, or physically challenged individuals who wish to improve their bodies. Larry can empathize, because he too was overweight and out-of-shape.

If you want to transform your own body, you should call Larry today. He is available only by appointment. For his prices and schedule, please call Larry