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Recent Client Successes

Christine Lost 5% Body Fat

Juliet Lost 36 lbs.

Jay Lost 46 lbs. in 3 months.

I am grateful for your time, effort, and great energy because I know I couldn’t have done this on my own. You have really helped me make an enormous positive difference. I lost 5% body fat in just 8 weeks! French Riviera here I come!


After one year of self-motivation, I reached a wall.  I knew that I needed an extra push to get me back on track with my diet and physical activity.  John has a passion for seeing his clients live happier and healthy lifestyles.  And with a healthier lifestyle, there are life changing bonuses. When you put in the time to integrate healthy habits in to your busy life, all of your other goals fall in to place.  And that is exactly what John has helped me realize.  Through his personal training, I lost close to 40 pounds, completed 3 half marathons in one year and more importantly, I am able to enjoy life with my family and friends.  Thank you, John.


John is a fantastic personal trainer and motivator! I’m a triathlete & marathon runner with strong legs but wasn’t so happy with my weight and upper body strength. He takes the time to understand my goals and how I can meet and exceed them. John helped me make better food choices and how to stay on course to get there. I continue to learn a lot from him and I’ve lost weight while seeing a big improvement in my upper body strength. My running pace has also improved big time and I’m really happy with my results. John’s a keeper and I highly recommend him if you want to meet your goals. I found John using yelp and I’m glad that I did!

Chuck L.

There are many personal trainers out there but John is definitly one of the good ones.  I have co-managed a few clients with him and he certainly is a great asset. Although many people get a personal trainer to look better physically,  John is more than that.  He creates programs to make your body functional again.  He watches his clients and helps them focus on what will help them recover from an injury… that is what is important in my book. I will continue to recommend him to my patients as they improve from their injuries.

Seb G.

I have worked with several personal trainers over the years and find that John is the best.  He is so knowledgeable, and so concerned about creating the right work out for each client. When I first came in, I thought I would work out for a month or two, learn his workouts and then implement them myself.  That doesn’t work with John, because he’s always changing up my workouts based on how my body is reacting and what it needs. I first started to see John because I had almost constant pain in my hip; after several months with him, my hip gave me far less trouble.  Today, I have only the occasional twinge; plus I’m much stronger. I highly recommend John.

Christine D.

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