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Meet BRYCE & AMBER – Here’s their story:

After meeting through an online dating site Amber, an exuberant youth group leader and healthcare worker, and Bryce, a self-employed race engine builder, quickly fell in love. Their quirky personalities, willingness to be silly and love of food drew them together.

From an early age both Amber and Bryce learned to comfort themselves with food; when life was disappointing, food was always there. Amber turned to food after her parents’ divorce. Bryce turned to food after his own divorce from his first wife.

Today, Bryce worries about how his poor eating habits will affect his son, and wants to change in order to be an example for him. It is their dream to wed and celebrate their new life together, both trim and healthy! So they wrote a letter to Chris & Heidi Powell.

Their journey will be full of ups & downs – including a confrontation between Amber & her father, a bachelor party surprise NASCAR experience for Bryce, and when the couple gets caught on surveillance video breaking Chris & Heidi’s rules – how will they handle it?

It’s an exciting episode of Love Can’t Weight that ends with 2 amazing transformations

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