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After experiencing our own weight loss transformation on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss Season 5 “Love Can’t Weight” we realized that we wanted to take all the knowledge we had learned from Chris and Heidi Powell to help others who struggle with being overweight.

Symmetry OC was created to be one of the leading weight loss transformation centers in Orange Country. We have created a fun and safe environment where our clients can come and to change their lives. We practice and preach an Organic, whole-food approach when it comes to nutrition, but in order to balance our health with our busy Orange County lifestyles we sometimes need supplementation to help keep us on the right track. We help guide you in the right direction without leaving you feeling like you are being sold on anything.

We have clients that want to lose weight and work on their overall health, as well as older clients that want to increase their functional performance to keep up with the grand kids. We also have clients that want 6 packs and bigger, more developed arms. Inside Symmetry you will not only find an environment that is conducive to fitness goals of all types; you will also find professional veteran trainers who specialize in one on one care and have the knowledge to put all of the pieces into place for you, with them success is your only option.

Please reach out with any questions you may have about our services and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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At the end of the day we want people to look in the mirror and see the real person living on the inside of them.
Inside all of us there is a person that is full unlimited potential! that was designed to be better than just average Bryce Mulvey